We are opening access to our CPD Approved Training to organisations to find out who will win the AWARD for having the Mentally Fittest Team in your industry.  Quite the accolade.

Is your team ready to take on the challenge?

Watch this quick video to better understand what it takes to be mentally fit.

This course is for EVERYONE in a team. If your organisation is ready to smash 2024 with a team or teams that will have all the skills and tools needed to navigate their own mental well-being and improve their mental fitness, then get booking.  Spaces are limited!

This is a game changer, I feel better at work, I am performing better and the whole team has gelled and become so much stronger from these workshops.

CM, Glasgow


Looking after our people isn’t just a tick-box exercise, running these workshops for your teams, will not only help participants feel valued by their employer, but it is also a great showcase to your clients and customers on how you take care of your staff.

WHAT: These workshops aim to empower you and your teams to better deal with life’s inevitable difficulties by increasing self-awareness and building resilience. Using a cognitive behavioural model of stress, everyone will gain hands-on take-away tools to help manage and reduce stress.

WHO FOR:  Anyone in any organisation who is ready to thrive and not survive when times are tough!  The sessions are delivered to small groups made up of either current teams or people across your organisation.  Everyone who attends comes away with raised awareness of their wellbeing and how they can best support themselves and others.

WHERE & WHEN: Our sessions are all going to be online via Zoom and these kick off in January 2024 (start dates for your organisation will be agreed with you along with a suitable timing slot ) for one hour, same day and time for six weeks.

WHY: Stress affects people in different ways, and evidence tells us that stress not only interrupts the ability to learn and perform in our jobs, but also has an impact on our home life, social life, and relationships as well as longer-term impacts on our mental and physical health.  This isn’t about just surviving but thriving, and learning to understand your stress and stressors and what you can do to take care of yourself.

We will offer an introduction to challenging our thoughts (fact or opinion), effective coping techniques and tools to use in the moment when stressed and introduce new daily practices to reduce stress. We also offer evidence-based CBT tools and relaxation techniques to help reduce stress and strategies for managing our time better, getting better sleep and improving our relationships.  You will identify what works best for you and what you might change in order to meet your mental fitness goals!


98% reported a better understanding of the impacts of stress on their health & and well-being.

87% stated they would use the strategies and tools to improve well-being.

100% said the facilitator was engaging.

I am so glad my work participated in this, the skills I have learned for myself have helped me better understand my own wellbeing and to take care of it when life becomes stressful.

GQ, Edinburgh

Contact today to get all the details.


6 week CPD Approved Stress & Wellbeing Program

Stress inputs x 2

Pillars of Wellbeing x 4

1 hour Online sessions are delivered at a suitable time a day each week.

Maximum 12 to each group

What’s included: Event organisation and coordination.

6 x 1 hour delivery

Mental Wellbeing Scale results – Evidencing the mentally fit

Participant Anonomised Survey Results

A presentation of the results

Everyone that passes the course will get 6 hours of CPD certification.

Every organisation that participates will be included within the annual award ceremony.

The details:

The learning outcomes for each session will be supplied to all participants prior to session.  All participants will be contacted to complete the well-being survey before and after the 6 weeks and all participants are expected to complete all sessions – no recordings, no catch ups.  We want your commitment and your time to get you MENTALLY FIT.  You will also be supplied with session handouts which summarise the learning along with any session tools and resources that you may need.

Email, to secure your slot.