I had no idea how much of my story about smoking was keeping me stuck. I’ve been smoke free for a while, after 28 days you don’t count the days, you just celebrate being free and enjoying the extra few thousand pounds in my pocket!

Sandra, East Kilbride, Glasgow

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28 Days to Success

There has never been a better time to stop smoking.  Is 2019 going to be the year of finally looking after your health and your wealth?  With savings  of near on £40,000 over ten years, think about what else you could be doing with that money?  Never mind how much longer you will live, how much better you will feel and smell and how much more energy and vitality you will have.  Time to face you fears, and learn how to live a smoke free life.

Have you ever tried to stop smoking before?

You may have gone days, weeks, months or years, but always felt the yearning to smoke.  It feels like a constant ache inside of your chest.  It seems like everywhere you go someone is smoking, and although you pretend to cough at the smell of someone else smoking, you secretly want to steal a puff.  It’s like carrying about two heavy suitcases and feeling like one puff will allow you to put them down.

You may have tried everything on the market to stop, only to to find yourself feeling constantly miserable.  Sound familiar?

Psychological Addiction – Is why previous attempts failed.

STOP SMOKING – THE CBT WAY, 28 DAYS TO SUCCESS will teach you how to break free from smoking, using a proven CBT based program.

The physical addiction to nicotine is actually gone in 3 days, so why then do people after days, weeks, months or years go back to smoking?

Author of this program, Nicola Ball, a registered and qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, and founder of The Talking Rooms, designed STOP SMOKING – THE CBT WAY, 28 DAYS TO SUCCESS, following a stint of working in the field of addiction, and realising that the same principles applied to smoking. Nicola developed a program, initially for herself. A heavy smoker of 30 years, and dedicated LOVER of smoking, she set out to find out if smoking could be overcame easily without the pain she had experienced in previous attempts.

Following a successful and easy transition, she set out to share this with all smokers, and created a program, that despite location could be used by anyone.

You don’t need to understand addiction or psychology to understand this program. You will be gently guided all the way, and supported to make this one of the easiest but best decision you will make in your life.


STOP SMOKING – THE CBT WAY, 28 DAYS TO SUCCESS, program is based on an initial one to one assessment either in our offices in East Kilbride, Glasgow or via SKYPE.

You will then be given a 28 day programme in which you’ll be prepped for your quitting date, and supported daily via email and a private FB community of people like you, and also with a weekly FB live for a Q&A.

It takes 28 days to create or break a habit. The difference in this program is that we are going to tackle not only habit, and physical addiction, but the psychological addiction.

All you need is a willingness to want to stop – don’t worry if you feel terrified at the prospect – this is painless and actually quite easy to achieve! So much so, if after the 28 days, you haven’t stopped smoking we will give you your money back – what have you got to lose?

Check out our Facebook page for more information, or to make an enquiry please drop us an email info@thetalkingrooms.com