Privacy notice

We pledge that we will never share the details of those people whose personal information we hold within The Talking Rooms

This privacy notice makes it easier for you to find out how we handle personal information.

Personal data

In order to serve our clients and customers, The Talking Rooms holds personal data such as name and surname and email address. This privacy policy describes how we treat that personal information, as defined by GDPR requirements (General Data Protection Regulations applied by European legislation, effective from 25thMay 2018). The Talking Rooms is defined by this legislation as a Data Controller.

All personal data is held securely under restricted access control within The Talking Rooms, according to high standards of data security which are internationally recognised.  Your data is held on the original place of enquiry or referral for 7 days and is then automatically deleted.  You data will be transferred onto our secure password protected clinical diary, with only appropriate therapists and administrators having access to your personal information.  You have consented to share this level of data with The Talking Rooms by signing this agreement.

Because this personal data relates to an identified or identifiable individual, we take privacy very seriously. Importantly, we maintain confidentiality according to our professional code of ethics in addition to the GDPR requirements. Rest assured that we will always remove from our mailing list anyone who states that they wish to unsubscribe. The simply link to click and unsubscribe is shown on every marketing email or newsletter we send.

Ideally, we want all recipients to be as excited as we are about our therapy services, courses or new initiatives being offered by The Talking Rooms. All too often, we hear from practitioners who wanted to take our course but didn’t hear soon enough to diarise the dates. So we certainly want to keep everyone updated as soon as CPD course announcements are made.

GDPR regulations have been designed to protect individual consumers from unwanted sales or marketing practices such as unscrupulous spam / scam emails, or call centres making unsolicited contact with a list of prospect customers where the contact details might have been harvested (scraped) from websites or other databases: data sourced without the individual being aware. That type of unsolicited direct marketing activity can be a real nuisance.

We only want to handle personal data which relates to our current clients or customers or prospects: people with whom we have a legitimate consenting relationship; people who actively want to be in communication with us.

Legitimate use of personal information

The information collected is for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes which have demonstrable benefit the customer.

What products and services does our Privacy Notice relate to? All products or services provided through Talking Rooms including:

  • Clients in our therapy service at Talking Rooms, relating to enquiries, referrals, appointment bookings, and therapy services according to clinical need.
  • Details of customers who participate in our corporate programmes including organisational engagement services.
  • Professionals who are interested in or who participate in our CPD courses.
  • People who purchase our self help or self development courses..

Our view in accordance with GDPR, is that there is provision for Talking Rooms to use the details of clients and customers, in order to fulfil the booking and to provide the services being purchased, without any further consent process or opt-in mechanism. This is defined as legitimate needs for data processing as a lawful ground.

We take the reasonable view that Talking Rooms will be required to process the personal data of anyone who completes an enquiry form on our website or who books an appointment  – this is in the legitimate interests of the enquirer or customer to receive products or services. Customer email and mobile phone details will usually be used to send automatic appointment reminders for anyone who has made a booking with Talking Rooms. Most clients say they value these reminders. But others can opt out if they prefer.

Marketing communication

From time to time, we may launch a new therapy service or offer a special deal to our therapy clients or enquirers. We may communicate this way with anyone who has given their details to us by registering with our therapy service.

If you wish to stop receiving marketing communication from Talking Rooms, please click “unsubscribe” at the base of the email, or send an email to or write to us at

Ethical standards

We believe it’s also reassuring for our clients and customers to know that aside from adhering to GDPR rules, each therapist or coach or tutor at Talking Rooms also abides by codes of professional ethics according to membership of their professional association(s).


We strive always to maintain high standards of professional service. If you have any query or complaint about our privacy policy, or indeed about any other aspect of our work, please email