At The Talking Rooms, we are committed to treating all people with dignity and respect, and to ensuring the organisations we work with meet our ethical standards. Slavery and human trafficking are fundamentally opposed to our values and we are committed to ensuring that our organisation and those we work with are free of modern slavery and human trafficking. As such, we recognise and take seriously our responsibility to comply with all principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Our Organisation

We are at the forefront of change in mental health, working across Scotland’s public and private sectors to challenge attitudes, improve access to services and provide information and advice.

We have over 40 counsellors at The Talking Rooms and we are satisfied from our own due diligence and robust processes that there is no evidence of any slavery or human trafficking within the organisation. Our Mental Health and Wellbeing at The Talking Rooms policy commits us to the antithesis of modern slavery; ensuring that all staff have the right support, guidance and work-life balance to maintain their mental wellbeing at work. This is reinforced by a wide policy framework, including a whistleblowing policy, recruitment and selection policy, grievance policy and safeguarding policy.

Our Supply Chain

We use a wide range of suppliers who support our operations and provide services at events. We are committed to ensuring that our suppliers share in our high standards and that there is no slavery or human trafficking in our supply chain. We require all our major suppliers to be compliant with the annual reporting requirements contained within section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act. Our procurement policy and contract guidance requires contractors to adhere to the relevant sections of our safeguarding, health and safety, equal opportunities, and anti-discrimination policies. Should any of our suppliers or sub-contractors fail to meet these standards, we will take action to review or terminate our relationship with them.

Looking Ahead

We will continue to review our policies and processes to ensure that they have appropriate and relevant references to modern slavery, and include modern slavery conditions in our tender documents, new supplier forms and other procurement documentation.

Our Senior Management team take seriously their responsibility in fulfilling these aims and will ensure that the organisation achieves them.

Nicola Ball

Managing Director