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Could your school benefit from counselling support?

Mental health issues can have a real and lasting impact for young people today. School staff are increasingly being asked to support young people experiencing adverse life events and trauma that could affect their attainment and ability to build full and satisfying adult lives. NHS waiting times often mean that young people are in crisis before they’re able to access treatment. We’re here to bridge the gap.

We deliver high quality, effective counselling and psychotherapy support to secondary schools in Scotland. The support we offer is tailored to your school’s specific needs and delivered by qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapists. All of our counsellors are registered practicing members of a recognised governing body such as BABCP, BACP or COSCA.


School Counselling by Qualified Therapists

Our Counselling Services

Our qualified therapists offer counselling support to everyone in your community, including teachers, young people and their families.

We take a holistic approach to working with all young people to help them overcome trauma, attachment issues and negative experiences they may have had during their childhood. Each setting is unique so we take a flexible approach to respond to your school’s specific needs.

Our one to one treatments begin with a referral from a teacher. Our mental health professionals then carry out an assessment in real time, allowing them to develop a treatment plan that reflects the individual’s needs. All of our treatment is evidence based and we even offer support during the school holidays if it’s needed.

If any teacher, young person or family within the school community needs crisis support we’ll provide that too.

We don’t just offer counselling on a one to one basis. We’ll provide resources that support the wellbeing of the whole school community. Our approach includes group work within each year group and talks in assembly to increase awareness. When you work with us we also provide access to our self-help toolkits to help young people manage their own mental health.

The Benefits

Research has shown that counselling has an indirect positive impact on a young person’s academic achievement. Evidence shows that mental wellbeing strategies in schools helps to improve overall attendance and attainment. Mental health issues in adolescence can cause difficulties which last into adulthood and affect a young person’s ability to build a happy and successful life in the long term.

Our Bridging the Gap project was delivered to provide mental health support to young people in four Glasgow secondary schools. We worked one to one and in group settings. The results were impressive, with an 80% improvement in the mental health of young people we worked with one to one. In 9 out of 10 cases symptoms were reduced to a non-clinical level, even in moderate to severe cases. Group work also delivered a significant improvement. On average, we achieved a 50% reduction in overall distress levels.

“We are delighted with the progress our pupils have made working one to one with The Talking Rooms CBT Therapist in school. CBT balanced with a youthful counselling approach has proved popular with our pupils and the flexible and individual approach The Talking Rooms and the allocated therapist take, has made this experience a truly beneficial one.” – Stephen Stone, Head Teacher, St Rochs, Glasgow

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CBT delivered to pupils in schools is proven to improve attainment, mood as well as mental and physical health.

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CBT delivered to pupils in schools is proven to improve attainment, mood and general mental and physical health.

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