Well done you! Your life is about to get a whole lot better…

You may well have been recommended by a friend, or just stumbled upon The Talking Rooms,  but there’s a good chance, you’re looking for some help with how you are feeling, and I’m guessing that you are hopeful that you can find a solution, so that you don’t feel that way anymore.  If I’m right, keep reading…

I like to call this YOUR CALL TO ACTION.  If you are feeling stuck and low, and YOUR QUALITY of LIFE is dire.  It’s pretty horrible isn’t it?   If you are feeling like life is a bit of a struggle,  and your joy is so far off in the horizon, it can all feel a bit hopeless can’t it?    

TODAY I WANT YOU TO BRING YOUR FOCUS TO YOU, AND RECOGNISE THIS IS YOUR TIME FOR CHANGE.   Listen to YOUR CALL TO ACTION, and make a change.  Give yourself this gift, invest in yourself today.  Give yourself the time and commitment to overcome your hurdles, and have the life you want, one were you feel genuine joy and happiness!

We Listen

We are all humans, on this beautiful rollercoaster journey called LIFE.  It can be tough, but that’s the deal we make with life. We take the good with the bad and we keep on pushing through… until, we get STUCK.  That’s when we need some help, and that’s were we come in!

Firstly let me tell you this.  EVERYONE at some point in their life needs some help. Every single man, woman and child.  There is NO SHAME IN IT.  Let me repeat that.  THERE IS NO SHAME IN IT.  You are simply looking to understand yourself better and you want to find a solution to your problem.  GOOD FOR YOU!  Some people can walk through their entire life, stuck in their misery, popping pills and drowning out their emotions any which way they can.  BUT NOT YOU.  You are going to invest in yourself, and make changes to your life that will help you feel alive again!

Our Approach

So what do we do at The Talking Rooms?  We offer you an opportunity to explore what’s going on for youwhat’s keeping you stuck, and what you want life to be like. This ain’t no happy clappy bulls**t here.   We’re not going to tell you to just think positively and everything will be dandy again.  No, we’re gonna look at the garden and take the weeds out from the roots, so that it can flourish once again.

We’re qualified professional psychotherapists, who utilise and integrate the core principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive Psychology, and an absolute abundance of therapies to give you the tailored experience you need to smash out of this block and get UNSTUCK!

ALL of us here at The Talking Rooms have overcame challenging life circumstances; from death, cancer, marital breakdowns and then some.  We’ve ALL sat in the the seat you WILL SIT IN. We know how scary this is.  But what’s the alternative, just stay and live in your own tormented mind?  Trust me, when I say, that you are going to come out the other side of this, and you are going to ROCK life like never before.   What have you got to lose?

What’s Next?

Have a look around the site, there’s a ton of content and it grows by the day, and make up YOUR MIND, if we sound like the right fit for you then take MASSIVE ACTION today!

We also offer a FREE 15 minute initial assessment, so contact us and we can jump on a call or we can even use the amazing technology at our fingertips and video chat.