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CBT for Schools

We are delighted with the progress our pupils have made working one to one with The Talking Rooms CBT Therapist in school. CBT balanced with a youthful counselling approach has proved popular with our pupils and the flexible and individual approach The Talking Rooms and the allocated Therapist take, has made this experience a truly beneficial one.

Stephen Stone, Head Teacher, St Rochs, Glasgow

Common Issues

We know first hand the challenges that children and teenagers will bring into the school environment and how challenging that can be for your staff and pupils alike.   We use evidence based CBT to treat and work with common issues such as anger, low self esteem, anxiety and low mood.  We also don’t shy away from dealing with the complex stuff either.  Self harm , addiction, eating disorders, trauma and suicidal thoughts are all addressed and worked with.

BIG Emotions

We use the tools of CBT to teach your pupils how to manage difficult BIG emotions, and how to cope with the daily trials that life is or has thrown at them.  CBT is the most effective evidence based treatment, however here at The Talking Rooms, we don’t believe there is a one size fits all approach to therapy.  We pride ourselves on taking  a tailored approach to treating each individual.

Our therapists are also inter-agency trained, and are equipped with the skills to work in partnership with educational psychology, parents, pastoral care, medical, CAMHS and social work teams to ensure your pupil is receiving the care they require.

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