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5th May 2021

School stressing you out?

What a weird year it’s been.  You might be feeling the impact in some way or another.  Perhaps worried about your health or your families health […]
27th April 2021

What to consider for your children when moving house

I was recently asked to contribute to an article, you can find here relating to moving house and the impacts of that on children. What […]
9th March 2021

Back to school – AGAIN…..Get your Vampire teenager into a healthy sleep routine to give them the best start!

Here in Scotland next week will see all primary schools back and a staggered start to secondary schools.  As welcome as this news may be for […]
27th August 2020

Stressed brains cannot learn

I am sure you are all starting to feel the impact of the last few months now we have returned to school.  I wanted to share an […]
4th August 2020

Back to school: 5 ways you can cope if you’re feeling worried

Going back to school can make us feel anxious at the best of times. A new school year brings changes and its normal to worry about […]
28th July 2020

Secondary School Counselling & CBT in Glasgow Case Study

TTR Case Study – Education CASE STUDY | EDUCATION Bridging the Gap Project  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Treatment & Early Intervention Counselling The Problem The Senior Leadership […]
15th June 2020

Counselling Support – Lockdown & Beyond

2020 is a year we will never forget, our lives and sense of normality suddenly changed. For many who have children in school, this change is […]
8th June 2020

Summer Counselling in Education

I don’t think there has ever been a better time to improve access to counselling in schools. OUR YOUNG PEOPLE NEED THIS!! We were lucky enough […]
28th April 2020

Launching the Wellbeing Collective

I am absolutely delighted and proud today to have landed somewhere that feels like a supportive, affordable solution to help people understand their psychology better and […]
29th March 2020

FEAR. A reality check

It’s everywhere, the fear. Much worse than any virus could ever really be.  The fear has taken over many, and I feel compelled to talk directly […]