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BYOB – Bring your own Bother #dontbottleitup


If you feel like any of the below, then this is the page for you.

The above is what teachers told us during our self care and stress wellinar, (not just another webinar over here!).  If you missed it, you can catch it here.

There has NEVER been a more difficult time to be involved in the world of education and we are passionate advocates of ensuring not only young people ride the storm of the pandemic, but also the all important super star teachers and educators of the world.  We also realise that telling ANYONE, especially your boss, HR or some who might have an influence over your career might be stopping you from reaching out for that very help.

You are human.  Everything you are experiencing is human, and the world does indeed NEED you, but we need you in one piece at the end of all this.

That’s why we launched BYOB (like what we did there – we are full of puns and acronyms).  What indeed is this BYOB you speak of?

Long story short:

  • Monthly sessions with a trained Mental Health & Wellbeing professional, to BRING YOUR OWN BOTHER
  • You refer yourself, we take care of you, your workplace pays, and we only report on stats – nothing personal, not even a name.
  • Time all about YOU. Focussed on stress reduction and realising just how important you are
  • Complete confidentiality
  • An opportunity to talk openly, honestly and importantly be heard without judgment or #dontbottleitup

We have already had FANTASTIC success working with staff in education with this initiative, with people describing the service as “a life line during the pandemic”.

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