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Nicola Ball

4th March 2019

The impacts of stress in the workplace..

With 1 in 4 people being affected by mental health issues, it’s no real surprise, that you will probably work with someone who is experiencing a […]
30th October 2018

Anxiety Management Techniques – Part 1

Anxiety Management Techniques is the focus of this post. One things I am a bit guilty of is in neglecting this website…I seem to create and […]
8th October 2018

Childhood & Teenage Anxiety – Part 2

I decided to put this information out into the universe, to hopefully help some parents and children who might be struggling with anxiety. It’s a bit […]
19th September 2018

Childhood & Teenage Anxiety

Childhood & Teenage Anxiety I’ve just recently finished a webinar on childhood & teenage anxiety, and I am absolutely overwhelmed by the response we have had […]
11th September 2018

The impacts of growing up in a home where parents or caregivers were alcohol dependant

Do you ever wonder why you display particular behaviours or feel a certain way?  Were you raised in an alcoholic home? If so, please read on. […]
23rd August 2018

Walk & Talk – West End, Kelvingrove Park

Fountain, Kelvingrove Park, 31st August @ 1.30pm Following the successful launch of our community initiative in Cambuslang, we are delighted to announce we are now launching […]
16th August 2018

Walk the Walk…Talk the Talk

So Ann-Louise and I are gearing up for tomorrow’s walk.  We’ve been delighted with the support locally and from the Rutherglen Reformer and Daily Record covering […]
16th August 2018

Do something today, that your future self will thank you for…

You might be wondering about all of this CBT stuff, what it is, how it works and why it seems to be everywhere you look these […]
30th July 2018

Walking & Talking – Helping Social Isolation and Loneliness

We’re delighted to announce our very first EVER walk and talk program! We recognise that isolation and loneliness is a huge contributing factor to people’s mental […]
25th July 2018


I would hope in today’s world we’ve moved passed the previous stigma of accessing psychological help, unless you were ‘crazy’.  If you want to lose weight […]
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